Simplicity Studio 4

Simplicity Studio simplifies the IoT development process with one-click access to everything developers need to complete their projects using an integrated development environment (IDE) based on Eclipse 4.5. Simplicity Studio includes a powerful suite of tools for energy profiling, configuration and wireless network analysis, as well as demos, software examples, complete documentation, technical support and community forums.

These integrated tools and features combine to make embedded development simple and productive for IoT developers of all skill levels. Simplicity Studio provides built-in intelligence to automatically detect the connected 8-bit or 32-bit MCU or wireless SoC, graphically configure the device, and show supported configuration options to help developers get their projects underway in minutes.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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...Happy to see that Simplicity Studio is cross-platform – it was super easy to get, install and launch. The wizards made it easy to license the Keil complier without much fuss. Brilliant idea to have Simplicity Studio auto-detect the connected dev-board – it was easy to find source code and have the project already configured for my hardware....
— Engineer at littleBits

Simplicity Studio Launcher 


One-click access to design tools, documentation, software and support resources.

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Simplicity Studio Energy Profiler 

Energy Profiler

A better way to visualize, debug, and optimize energy consumption.

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Simplicity Studio Network Analyzer 

Network Analyzer

Improve wireless connections, take advantage of a packet tracer and network analysis.

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Simplicity Studio App Builder 


The simplest way to design Bluetooth®, Thread and ZigBee® applications.

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Simplicity Studio Xpress Configurator 

Xpress Configurator

Simple GUI based tool to configure, program, and customize USB and Touch Xpress bridges.

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Simplicity Studio Hardware Configurator 

Hardware Configurator

Manage pin assignments and resolve pin conflicts automatically.

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Simplicity v4 Launch Demonstration

Navigating the New Launcher

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Simplicity Studio Package Manager

Package Manager

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Simplicity Studio Setting the Context

Setting the Context

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Software Stack Compatibility

Stack Version Support in Simplicity Studio v 4 Version Support in Simplicity Studio v 3 (Download v3)
ZigBee 5.7.3 and later versions 5.7.3 and earlier versions
Thread 2.0.0 and later versions 1.0.7 and earlier versions
Connect 2.0.0 and later versions 2.0.0 and earlier versions
BLE 2.0.0 and later versions 1.0.4 and earlier versions
RAIL 1.2.0 and later versions 1.2.0 and earlier versions

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