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Timing Product Selector Guide

Timing Product Selector Guide

Downloadable PDF of the latest timing products and tools

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Reference Designs

Reference Designs

Start with reference designs for clocks, oscillators, isolation, sensors and 8-bit microcontrollers

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Development Kits and Tools

Development Kits and Tools

Explore designs with tools for clocks, oscillators, isolation, power, sensors and 8-bit mcus

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Find Altera Reference Designs

Examine How Altera FPGA Based Network Equipment Is Meeting Increasing Bandwidth Needs


Find Cavium Reference Designs

Explore Data Center and Cloud Server SoC Design from Cavium



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Timing Timing Generators/Jitter Attenuators »
  • Any frequency, any output
  • Any format/VDDO
  • Low jitter (100 fs RMS)
  • Custom parts (2 weeks)
Buffers »
  • Any output, any format
  • Pin selectable signal format
  • Lowest jitter (45 fs RMS)
  • General purpose, PCIe Gen 1/2/3
Oscillators »
  • Custom, programmable
  • 2 week lead time
  • Crystal or MEMS-based
  • Jitter as low as < 0.2 ps RMS
Isolation and Power Isolation and Power Digital Isolation »
  • High noise immunity, stability and long lifetime
  • Bi-directional isolators for I2C communication buses
Gate Drivers »
  • Low PWM distortion and propagation delay improve SMPS efficiency
  • Highly integrated feature set - multi-channel, dead-time control
Interface Interface USB »
  • Adds USB to UART, I2C, SMBus, SPI or I2S
  • Eliminated external crystal
Voice over IP ProSLICs »
  • Complete foreign exchange station (FXS) telephony in a single package
  • Energy friendly. Save power and cost
  • Low-cost DC-DC converter options reduce BOM and PCB area
Power over Ethernet »
  • Power sourcing equipment (PSE)
  • Power per port: 15 W PoE; 30 W PoE+; 40 W+ Custom
  • Integrated surge protectors
Sensors Sensors Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors »
  • 2-zone temperature sensing
  • Low cost BOM/no user calibration
Optical Sensors »
  • Ambient light/IR proximity sensing
  • Enables gesture based control
Microcontrollers Microcontrollers 8-bit »
  • Fastest 8-bit at 100 MIPS
  • High functional density
32-bit »
  • Every Cortex™ - M core
  • Pin/software compatible
Internet Infrastructure Solutions Guide  

Internet Infrastructure Solutions Guide

Download the Solutions Guide PDF and learn more about Silicon Labs solutions for Internet Infrastructure